Causes of Low Sex Drive in Women

The female libido is much more fragile than the male desire. Stereotypical social norms portray men as constantly ready for action. Women, on the other hand, fake headaches in order to be left alone.

Sometimes, however, women suffer from low sex drive for real. Causes behind this problem vary but can be both psychological and physiological.

The Main Causes of Low Sex Drive in Women: Fatigue and Stress

A working woman is subjected to lots of stress. This is especially true for women who act as team leaders and for those holding important corporate positions.

Stress is the number one reason for fatigue and apathy. These in turn cause lower desire for all types of activities outside the workplace. Making love is one of the activities that fall victim to workplace stress.

Combine stress with insomnia and you will get a troubled woman who has no desire to engage in any type of sexual activity.

To overcome these problems women need some real rest and relaxation. A weekend trip or a day in a spa center will significantly change the situation.

Certain Medications Kill the Bedroom Heat

The intake of specific types of pills may also be responsible for decreased sexual desire. Pain killers and antidepressants will certainly affect the female libido. The same applies for men on medication.

Relationship and Home Dynamics

Whenever a woman feels pressure and discomfort in her own home, she is very likely to lose her sexual desire.

Problems with growing teens and the lack of support on behalf of the partner certainly will kill any desire for intimacy. Men don’t always understand the manner in which something simple can take a toll on their lady’s sex drive. Thus, they will be incapable of offering assistance even if they want to.

Constant quarrels over household issues, lack of understanding and tension will further aggravate the situation.

Whenever women are going through a period of mayhem, they need someone to lean on and to ask for comfort. If that person is unwilling to talk and understand the problem, the situation will probably worsen.

It is very important to understand that a woman’s sexual behavior is completely controlled by her mentality. Whenever troubles and stress accumulate, a woman is likely to think about sex as much as about car engines.A conversation with a partner is of paramount importance in such situations. She isn’t going to regain her libido unless she gets at least some comfort and understanding.

Hormonal Problems

Not all causes of low sex drive in women are external and easy to control. On occasions, the issue is going to be much more complicated and much more difficult to detect.

The female body is a delicate mechanism that depends on the functions of various interconnected systems.

Hormones have special power in affecting the female libido. Any hormonal misbalance will cause a woman to lose her sexual desire.

Such problems are likely to occur to women who have experienced menopause or are in the pre-menopausal stage. Hormonal changes also occur during pregnancy. Some pregnant ladies experience a massive boost in their libido while others will have no desire for sex whatsoever. Add bodily changes to the mix and the situation becomes even more difficult to navigate.

The Lack of Confidence

The manner in which a woman perceives herself also affects libido. A woman who lacks confidence will probably have no desire for sex.

Women worry about their looks even in front of an intimate partner who has known them for years. A woman who feels unattractive will probably reject intimacy attempts or will participate without desire.

The solution here is simple. In order to have great and passionate experiences a woman needs to feel sexy. Working on the confidence of a partner can have miraculous effects.