Bringing Passion Back to Your Relationship: Three Tips for Spicing Things Up

Bringing Passion Back to Your Relationship: Three Tips for Spicing Things Up

The dynamics of a relationship change over the years. The sex goddess she was three years ago is now simply the woman you come home to after work. She refrains from trying to spice it up. The athletic semi-god you started dating is now simply a man sitting in front of the television set instead of grabbing you for a passionate kiss the moment you enter the door. The spark is suddenly gone, romanticism and passion start slowing down.

Is there any way to bring your passionate and head-turning lover back to the stage? What does it take to be in a successful long-term relationship? Bringing the passion back may require a bit of effort on your behalf but the outcome will certainly be worth it.

Passion killers start accumulating once you get to know each other all too well. Daily routine and feeling overly comfortable with your partner speed up the process. If you’re interested in bringing the passion back, you may want to consider one of the following basic, yet highly effective approaches.

Bring Your Sexy Back

When was the last time you remembered to put some sexy lingerie on before going to bed in your fluffy pajamas? And probably when too tired you felt ok postponing all types of painful and time-consuming beautifying procedures. Your man is already comfortable with your body anyways, right? Wrong!

Men fall victims to the daily routines, as well. It was probably one year ago that he remembered to light candles and organize a romantic dinner. Is it really worth the effort after an exhaustive day at the office? Well, weekends have been especially designed for that purpose.

The Power of Novelty

Surprise and novelty is the only way to bring passion back to a relationship where the two know all about each other. And doing something new and exciting is not necessarily time consuming and painful to achieve.

Knowing everything about your partner is exactly what will help you in making the perfect surprise move. You know what your partner thinks and expects. Do the exact opposite.

Imagine a dull, gray Monday. You had an awful lot of tasks, you had to speak to two enraged clients, your enraged boss and his annoyed secretary. On your way back home rain started falling and you now look like something that came out of the washing machine. On a regular day you will probably have a shower and then put on an over-sized T-shirt and a pair of even further over-sized boxer shorts. Why not simply grab your partner and have a shower together?

Bringing Passion Back through Communication

Talk to each other. Share your dreams and fantasies. Try to explore a side of your partner that you never believed even existed.

Take a trip during the weekend. It does not have to be Paris to bring the passion back. It simply has to be something different from what you are used to.

Change your perfume. Having a fresh and unfamiliar smell is sexy.

Change your bedroom. Redecorate it. A new place will probably inspire you to engage in new adventures.

If you feel bored with a relationship, refrain from changing the partner. All you need to do is exercise a small effort to make it work like in the first days of your affair. Just unleash your creativity and enjoy the fruits of that effort.

Bringing passion back can actually be a fun exercise for both of you. It will help you rediscover what made you fall in love in the first place. It may even surprise you by letting you learn something new about your partner. Don’t be afraid to talk and to experiment. You know each other well enough and this kind of communication will bring yet another level of intimacy to your relationship.