How to Take Cared of Bleached Blonde Hair

How to Take Cared of Bleached Blonde HairGetting blond hair is quite exciting. The beautiful platinum locks make you look really different and much more feminine. Bleached blonde hair, however, is more prone to damage than hair that has never been colored. This is why you need to be very careful when it comes to care and conditioning.

Before you get overly excited, you need to know that bleached blonde hair demands a lot of work, if you are to protect it from becoming excessively dry. If you fail nourishing and washing it properly, blond hair may soon lose its shine and gold nuances.

Initially, you will face problems while bleaching your hair. It will be nearly impossible to get the exact color you want from the first time. You will need to endure several bleaching procedures until you manage to achieve the desired platinum looks.

Taking care of your color is of uttermost importance, since your hair will lose its shine only after several washings. Selecting the proper blond hair care products will help you maintain the exact nuance that you fell in love with.

Select shampoos, conditioners and masks that have been especially designed for maintaining the color of blond hair.

Select products that contain olive extracts. Olive oil nourishes hair deeply.

Keep in mind that a simple change of shampoo can lead to unpleasant alteration of hair color. Stick to the products that you have already tested and approved.

Use products that have UV filters and will protect your hair from the harmful sunrays.

Bleaching depletes hair of important proteins. Bleached hair often becomes lifeless and thin. Select a nourishing mask that has been designed especially for hair that has undergone such severe treatment. Apply the mask once per week.

Excessive bleaching can entirely destroy the hair, making it exceptionally breakable. Before you decide to go for platinum hair, think carefully about the consequences and the difficult maintenance and care that this type of hair demands.

Refrain from washing your hair every day. The shampoo will make it even dryer. Using a conditioner each time is a must.

Be careful when brushing and combing your bleached blonde hair. Refrain from brushing wet hair – this is when it is exceptionally vulnerable.

Limit the usage of your hairdryer. If you must form the perfect hairstyle each time, select an ionic dryer which brings less harm.

Blondes often suffer from split ends, as a result of the bleaching procedure. To make your hair stronger, apply vitamin sprays to the edges. Some of these sprays contain silicone that makes hair shinier and more elastic.

If your bleached blonde hair loses the color and starts turning yellowish, refrain from bleaching again at home. Many women believe that they can effortlessly carry out the procedure in domestic environment. Hairstylists use special products to maintain the color of hair that has already been bleached. These products cause less damage. Visit your hairstylist instead of applying harmful chemicals on your own.

Photo courtesy of: Maria Morri