How to Visit an Authentic Finnish Sauna

How to Visit an Authentic Finnish Sauna

Many people have heard of the wonderful experience associated to the visit of an authentic Finnish sauna. Apart from a great unusual thing to explore, the Finnish sauna can produce a vast range of health and beauty benefits. If you’re about to try this sauna for the first time ever, you’ll find the following guide to be particularly beneficial.

Sweating allows the organism purify itself from toxins. Frequent sauna visits result in muscle relaxation, lower stress levels and cleaner skin.

Several types of saunas are used in various parts of the world. What makes the Finnish sauna different and how should it be visited?

What is an Authentic Finnish Sauna?

One of the most popular saunas worldwide is the Finnish sauna. The Finnish sauna is a chamber, usually made of wood. Its temperature exceeds 80 degrees Celsius (176 degrees Fahrenheit).

A source of heat is positioned inside the sauna (usually a stove). Stones are placed over it. Water is poured over the stones, in order to increase air humidity within the sauna and to encourage sweating. Pouring water over the stones is not mandatory.

The Finnish sauna is exceptionally popular tradition in Finland – over two million saunas are available throughout the country. People use them to relax after a tense day and to socialize.

Finnish people usually have a vihta (a bunch of thin birch branches) inside the sauna. It is used to gently beat oneself and improve circulation.

How to Visit a Finnish Sauna

Saunas are usually designed for both men and women and can be used simultaneously by both sexes. If you feel uncomfortable about the procedure, you can request specifically sharing a sauna solely with people of your sex.

Clothing is not worn inside the sauna. Allowing your entire body to sweat and purify itself is part of the process. You can use a heat-proof blanket to seat on.

Keep in mind that you need to be in a good physical condition to use the sauna. People who suffer from cardiac problems or low blood pressure should refrain from using it. The same applies to people who have recently recovered from a serious disease.

If your are experiencing the authentic Finnish sauna for the first time, you should remain inside for several minutes only. You could get dizzy otherwise. Refrain from visiting the sauna alone.

Never enter the sauna if you have consumed alcoholic beverages beforehand.

Take a warm shower before entering the sauna. Your body needs to be warm before you expose it to the high temperature inside. The skin needs to be free from creams and lotions. Take a second shower after going out of the sauna.

During the procedure, you can go out and cool your body in one of the pools located nearby. You can also use a cold shower.

People have different tolerance to heat but staying more than an hour inside the sauna is not advisable.

Put your head down, if someone decides to pour water over the stones. The evaporations could lead to a burning sensation, which will be over in a matter of seconds.

Drink significant amounts of water after going out of the sauna. Sweating dehydrates the body and deprives it of important minerals.